Contact and Practical housing information

Contact after admission

Accepted students, please contact the Program Coordinator in case of problems with your VISA, acceptation and/or housing letters.

Program Coordinator: Françoise Baude, shortly be replaced by Jean Martinet
Program Assistant: Nathalie Hailly
(mail to :
Nathalie.HAILLY AT


For any inquiry related to the housing possibilities at the CROUS (eg, Dolines or Jean Médecin in Nice housings are the preferred solutions but other CROUS residences can be proposed), please email the Program Coordinator or EIT Digital UNS administration person Nathalie Hailly. You can also find a lot of private housing, as listed in this document (Spring 2018). Reaching the campus from Nice is quite easy taking the 230 bus line. Be aware that living in Sophia is not the best to move around during the week ends, as only public transport facilities to Antibes and Cannes are available those days.

Other Practical Information

Find here in the WELCOME BOOK a lot of elements.