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Project subjects of former students

This is one way to let known who are the students that have studied one year in Data Science at UNS. This includes the name of their exit point, or respectively, entry point. And what are the topics that they have been able to be in touch with.

Master 1, Cohort 2015-16

Project Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Car Embedded Raspberry PI implementation of machine learning algorithms MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Ivan Lopez Moreno (TUB), Fabi Eitel (UPM), Diego Burgos Sancho (UPM)
Computing continuous SPARQL queries using Bloom filters over RDF streams on Storm and Grid'5000 platforms Scale/Comred CNRS I3S Usman Younas (TUB), Sander Breukink (TU/e)
Optimized hyper-parameters for deep architectures MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Joana Iljazi (TU/e)
Deep Neural Style Adaption in Music MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Fabi Eitel (UPM)
Data analytics applied on tweets Alcmeon Start-up Ivan Lopez Moreno (TUB), Diego Burgos Sancho (UPM)
SecTracks: a cybersecurity company that uses Open Data to predict threats as exposed by a tool that predicts attacks BDL project (including POC) in collaboration with SAP labs, Sophia-Antipolis Henny Selig (KTH), Joana Iljazi (TU/e), Zhanjie Zhu (TU/e)
Air tickets price optimization using social networks data BDL project (including POC) in collaboration with Amadeus, Sophia-Antipolis Sander Breukink (TU/e), Bo Li (TUB), Diego Burgos Sancho (UPM)
Optimising the maintenance of city bikes BDL project (including POC) in collaboration with Antibes municipality Ivan Lopez Moreno (TUB), Fabi Eitel (UPM), Siqi Li (TU/e), Usman Younas (TUB)

Master 1, Cohort 2016-17

coming soon

Master 2, Cohort 2016-17

Project ProvisionaryTopic/Title Team Student(s)
Principal Component Analysis: theoretical properties in high dimension LJAD CNRS Yang Song (TU/e)
Development of a JSON Library for satisfaction surveys on mobile devices Zenith INRIA Ignacio Uya Lasarte (UPM)
Play Outside own group, startup project Argan Veauvy (UPM), Loic Lavillat (UPM), Justin Vailhere (UPM)
RGB-D store navigation through immersive techniques and sensor Lagadic INRIA Yolanda De La Hoz (UPM)
In-depth understanding of deep learning MinD/Spark CNRS I3S Hausmane Issarane (UPM)