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Local industrial ecosystem

Being hosted on the Campus SophiaTech, all of our EIT Digital students benefit from the industrial partnerships the Polytech Nice Sophia-Antipolis engineering school has built. Each year, late october/early november, a job forum is organized: this is a great opportunity to help you find an internship for the semester 4 of your master. Here is a video that gives you a glimpse of this event, and also a realistic view of the campus.

Project subjects and internships of former students

This is one way to let known who are the students that have studied one year in Data Science at UNS. This includes the name of their exit point, or respectively entry point. And what are the topics that they have been able to be in touch with.  For Master 2 students, is also indicated the title of their master thesis, where they prepared it, and if available, where they are now employed.

 Master 1, Cohort 2015-16

Project Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Car Embedded Raspberry PI implementation of machine learning algorithms MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Ivan Lopez Moreno (TUB), Fabi Eitel (UPM), Diego Burgos Sancho (UPM)
Computing continuous SPARQL queries using Bloom filters over RDF streams on Storm and Grid'5000 platforms Scale/Comred CNRS I3S Usman Younas (TUB), Sander Breukink (TU/e)
Optimized hyper-parameters for deep architectures MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Joana Iljazi (TU/e)
Deep Neural Style Adaption in Music MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Fabi Eitel (UPM)
Data analytics applied on tweets Alcmeon Start-up Ivan Lopez Moreno (TUB), Diego Burgos Sancho (UPM)
SecTracks: a cybersecurity company that uses Open Data to predict threats as exposed by a tool that predicts attacks BDL project (including POC) in collaboration with SAP labs, Sophia-Antipolis Henny Selig (KTH), Joana Iljazi (TU/e), Zhanjie Zhu (TU/e)
Air tickets price optimization using social networks data BDL project (including POC) in collaboration with Amadeus, Sophia-Antipolis Sander Breukink (TU/e), Bo Li (TUB), Diego Burgos Sancho (UPM)
Optimising the maintenance of city bikes BDL project (including POC) in collaboration with Antibes municipality Ivan Lopez Moreno (TUB), Fabi Eitel (UPM), Siqi Li (TU/e), Usman Younas (TUB)

 Master 1, Cohort 2016-17

Project Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Observatoire du discours politique français MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S and BCL UNS laboratory Veeresh Elango (KTH), Nazly Santos Buitrago (TU/e), Luis Galdo (TU/e), Juan Gonzales Huesca (TU/e)
A pruning method to compress deep network MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Tongtong Fang (KTH)
A middleware to support continuous RDF data querying Scale/Comred CNRS I3S Ma Xin (TU/e), Hamed Mohammadpour (KTH)
Security solutions for big data systems (research papers study) Sparks CNRS I3S Marcos Bernal (UPM)
Jathagam:  a solution for finding cyber security for big data BDL project in collaboration with SAP research lab (Sophia-Antipolis) Veeresh Elango (KTH), Nazly Santos Buitrago (TU/e), Luis Galdo (TU/e), Juan Gonzales Huesca (TU/e)
Smart Grid Security (SGS) Solutions BDL project in collaboration with SAP research lab (Sophia-Antipolis) Ma Xin (TU/e), Hamed Mohammadpour (KTH), Tongtong Fang (KTH), Marcos Bernal (UPM)

 Master 2, Cohort 2016-17

Project and Internship Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Principal Component Analysis: theoretical properties in high dimension LJAD CNRS Yang Song (TU/e)
Development of a JSON Library for satisfaction surveys on mobile devices Zenith INRIA Ignacio Uya Lasarte (UPM)
Play Outside own group, startup project Argan Veauvy (UPM), Loic Lavillat (UPM), Justin Vailhere (UPM)
RGB-D store navigation through immersive techniques and sensor Lagadic INRIA Yolanda De La Hoz (UPM)
In-depth understanding of deep learning MinD/Spark CNRS I3S Hausmane Issarane (UPM)
Large Scale Video Description on
YouTube-8M dataset
Mind/Spaks I3S CNRS Yolanda De La Hoz (UPM)
Creation of Data Science tools for Natural Language Processing and data visualization internal displacement monitoring centre (idmc), Geneve, Switzerland Hausmane Issarane (UPM) [now as EIT Digital post doc]
Operational Customer exPerience Air France KLM, Sophia-Antipolis Argan Veauvy (UPM) [now in ADP, Roissy]

 Master 1, Cohort 2017-18

Project Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Deep Learning Spell Check MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S and BCL UNS laboratory Eliane Birba (KTH), Upsana Biswas (TU/e), Ponathipan Jawahar (TU/e)
Deep MNREAD Biovision INRIA & MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Adriana Janik (KTH)
Geo Detection SAP Labs (Mougins) Carlos Callejo (Aalto)
Multiple Instance Learning for segmenting video content based on audio information Widmoka (Sophia Antipolis) & MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S José Diaz Mendoza (TU/e)
Analysis of adverse drug events in the French primary care database PRIMEGE MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S & CHU Nice Jacqueline Neef (UPM)
Computing images similarity using deep learning MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S & Bentley Antoine Lain (Aalto)
Deep learning for counting in crowds MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Ion Mosnoi (Aalto)
Labeled topic classification Meritis Lab Guo Lei (Aalto)

 Master 2, Cohort 2017-18

Project Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Action elasticity compensation in video classification MinD/Spark CNRS I3S Emily Söhler (UPM), Dane Mitrev (UPM), Luca Coviello (UPM), Antonio Paladini (POLIMI)
Joconde Learn Wimics-MinD/Spark CNRS I3S/INRIA Dina Mohamed Mahmoud (UPM), Sara Zanzottera (POLIMI)
Labeled topic classifier Meritis Labs Jaime Boixados (UPM)
Tensor and matrix factorizations in Python: application to recommender systems SIS CNRS I3S Claus Jungblut (UPM), Miguel Zaballa Pardo (TU/e)
Assessment of the quality and relevance of automatic tests Amadeus Lorenzo Frigerio (POLIMI), Alessandro Polenghi (POLIMI), Ivan Vigorito (POLIMI)

Long term digital data storage on DNA

SIS CNRS I3S Jose Luis Contreras (UPM), Riccardo Lo Bianco (POLIMI)
Multi-language topic classifier Meritis Lab (Sophia-Antipolis) Jaime Boixados (UPM) [now at Meritis, Paris]
Semantic segmentation on satellite imagery with
Deep Learning
Amazon Web Service (Berlin) Jose Luis Contreras (UPM) [now at AWS, Berlin]
Deep Neural Networks and Precision Agriculture for Grape Yield Estimation Fondazione bruno kessler (Trento) Luca Coviello (UPM)
Data anonymization through Generative Adversarial Networks in the differential Privacy scenario SAP Labs (Mougins) Lorenzo Frigerio (POLIMI)
Business intelligence for e-commerce Otto (GmbH & Co KG) (Hamburg) Claus Jungblut (UPM) [Virtuagym, a Columbia/NL company]
Clustering techniques for DNA signal reconstruction I3S CNRS Riccardo Lo Bianco (POLIMI)
End-to-end Multiple Object Tracking with
Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks
Renault Software Labs (Sophia-Antipolis) Dane Mitrev (UPM)
Machine Learning in Transportation Data Analytics SWVL company (Cairo) Dina Mohamed Mahmoud (UPM) [CIB, Cairo)]
End-to-end Models for Lane Centering in Autonomous Driving I3S CNRS & Renault Soft. Labs Antonio Paladini (POLIMI)
Test quality analyses Amadeus (Sophia-Antipolis) Alessandro Polenghi (POLIMI)
Machine learning techniques for the detection and prediction of Multiple Sclerosis Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (Berlin) Emily  Söhler (UPM)
Power Forecasting Models for Renewable Energy Sources Edison (EDF Group), Milano Ivan Vigorito (POLIMI) [Edison]
Live Data Sampling for Analytics Amadeus (Sophia-Antipolis) Miguel Zaballa Pardo (TU/e)
Evaluation of User Interface Technologies for Accelerator Controls CERN (Geneva) Sara Zanzottera (POLIMI)

Master 1, Cohort 2018-19

Project Topic/Title Team Student(s)
Detection of actions in Sports Videos using Multiple Instance Learning MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Sherly Sherly (KTH)
Deconvoluted and distributed Deep CNNs for ECG classification MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Ziqing DU (TU/e), Yaowei LI (Aalto)
Counting people in the tram MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Jinrui LIU (KTH/Aalto/VCC)
Machine learning for healthcare  Computing biomarker and pathway for cancer diagnostic using metabolic data Mediacoding/SIS CNRS I3S & Medecine faculty Chenchen HE (UPM)
Machine learning for biomedical: Localizing atrial flutter circuits using machine learning techniques on electrocardiograms (premilinary) CNRS LEAT laboratory Alessio MOLINARI (KTH)
Mobility for Seniors Invent@UCA Cristina RIOS IRIBARREN (UPM)
TrustSpace Invent@UCA Ignacio SANCHEZ (TU/e)
Deep learning for non linear regression problems (very preliminary) MinD/Sparks CNRS I3S Ignacio GARCIA MARTIN (Aalto)
DRL for communication networks (premilinary) Signet/SIS CNRS I3S Dana TOKMURZINA (Aalto)

 Master 2, Cohort 2018-19

Internship Topic/Title Team Student(s)
A Bio-Inspired Approach to Image Recognition LEAT CNRS Luca Comoretto (POLIMI)
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Solving Network Optimization Problems Signet/SIS CNRS I3S Mickaël Bernard (UPM)
Analytics of the Spain basket league results and performances Own project creation, ACB Analytics Ricardo Garcia Garcia (UPM), Rodrigo Rosado Gonzalez (UPM), Francisco Santos (UPM)
Nouvelles expériences clientes grâce à des modèles d'IA Accenture SAS France, Sophia-Antipolis Mickaël Bernard (UPM)
Machine learning demos/POC and action recognition learning Atos integration, Sophia-Antipolis Nasseredine Bajwa (UPM)
From payment transactions to a structured network: Key companies Identification, Risk Assessment and Graph Mining UniCredit, Wien (Austria) Comoretto Luca (POLIMI)
SAP Predictive maintenance IECISA (Spain) Alvaro Gallego (UPM)
Machine learning for analysis of multimedia content Pragsis Technologies, Madrid Ricardo Garcia Garcia (UPM)
Audit Logs and Metadata Pragsis Technologies, Madrid Francisco de Borja Gonzalez Conzalez (UPM)
Design of a toolbox allowing the recognition / detection and prediction of one or more behaviors on a client system in real time Alten, Sophia-Antipolis Rodrigo Rosado Gonzalez (UPM)
Intelligent drone tracking system: design and development of IDTS cloud platform IDTS (Spain) Francisco Santos (UPM)
Deep Speech Recognition in noisy environment NXP semiconductors, Sophia-Antipolis Frederico Ungolo (UPM)
Hotel big data smart cache prototype Amadeus, Sophia-Antipolis Yirui Wang (UPM)