In order to form part of the EIT Digital master students, you will need to prove your linguistical skills (specially the high level of English since all the courses will be given in English), academic skills (like excellent grades) and the curiosity to learn new digital things.

New (2019-20) cohort applications for on campus master open from December 2018.  A second one mostly suggested for EU citizens closes in April. Finally, a local (UNS) student can also apply during the named "local" batch of applications (starts June 2019, closes November 2019 after free but mandatory participation to the 3 full-days of EIT Digital kick-off meeting late October), and starts the EIT Digital M1 DSC track courses in September. Once the application is accepted by the exit point university, then the local student is considered as a full-fledged EIT Digital master school student, appart that he / she cannot be granted a merit/excellence scholarship in the first year. Otherwise, in case no exit point accepts to host the student the year after, the student has to switch back to the M1 FCS track and will remain a local student, and this decision pops up before Christmas. In case the local student is a 4th year Polytech engineering student, the same process can apply, but needs a bit of preparation in advance with the Polytech coordinator, in order to make sure that he/she can safely switch back to the normal Polytech engineering curriculum in case of non being admitted as an EIT Digital student.

The application process takes place centrally at EIT Digital master school, please check this Information